Spanish Ministry (Ministerios Hispanos)

Leader: Israel & Rachel Rivera

Los Pentecostales de Troy estan contentos de ofreser Servisios en Español en la area metroeste. Comesaremos los servisios en Septiembre 21 a las 4:00 de la tarde.

Pastor Brian Bradshaw y Pastor Israel Rivera les invita a usted y su familia a alabar a Dios con nosotros todas las semanas a la Iglesia Pentecostales de Troy, 8965 Rt. 162 Troy, IL.

Tambien se interpretaran Servisios a Español Domingo a las 10:30 AM y tambien los Miercoles a las 7:00 PM.

The Pentecostals of Troy are pleased to offer services for the Spanish community in the St. Louis Metro Area, beginning September 21 at 4 PM.

Pastor Brian Bradshaw, along with Pastor Israel Rivera, invite you and your family to worship with us each week at The Pentecostals of Troy, 8965 Rt. 162, Troy IL.

Also, services are translated into Spanish each Sunday morning at 10:30 AM as well as each Wednesday evening at 7 PM.

Mission Fact of the Day
Nigeria has 294 people groups (8,834,000 individuals) whose primary language does not have Bible portions available.